The Islands of Croatia Award
( I O C A )

IOCA hunters award

IOCA activators award

croatian hrvatski

This beautiful and colorful award is presented by National Croatian Tourist Board (Hrvatska turistička zajednica) in cooperation with the Croatian Amateur Radio Association (Hrvatski radioamaterski savez). This award is administered by IOCA award Manager.
The awards, particularly the higher ranking ones, are extremely challenging.
In order to encourage operation from the islands, two classes of awards are introduced:

- one for the chasers and SWLs, and
- the other for those who go out and activate the islands (activators), and

I hope these awards will encourage amateur radio operators from around the world to contact or visit and activate some of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of Croatia.
Only those islands listed in the current IOCA directory are valid for this award. The IOCA Awards are available in 9 different ranks (the criteria for chasers/SWLs differs from that for activators) as shown below:


10 islands

5 islands

BRONZE sticker

25 islands

10 islands

SILVER sticker

50 islands

20 islands

GOLD sticker

75 islands

40 islands

DIAMOND sticker
100 islands
50 islands
150 islands
75 islands

200 islands

100 islands


300 islands

150 islands


400 islands

200 islands

Upon achieving the maximum award level the applicants will qualify for the Islands of Croatia Honor roll and their scores will be published annually in Radio HRS and at this web.

In order to substantiate their contacts with the Croatian islands (list), chasers (and SWLs) must submit QSL cards for actual contacts or their photocopies. Any QSL cards deemed to have been altered will be disallowed.

Activators must show evidence that they have made a minimum of 50 contacts from each island claimed, i.e. photocopied log details or computer log disk. Activators are required to show proof that their operation actually took place from the claimed island, i.e. photos of operation that undoubtedly show that the operation took place from the claimed island, or certificate from island's authorities or certificate from island's marine or other proofs that operation undoubtedly took place from the claimed island.This is to maintain the integrity of the award program and to ensure all activators are acting responsibly in the pursuit of the award.

In order to count a group activity (several activators with a single, special callsign) as individual activity of each of the group members too, such joint group callsign must log at least 50 QSO's for each person in the group, i.e., 5 members x 50 QSO's = 250 QSO's as a minimum. A joint photo of all operators is necessary as a proof.

Activators may count their activity towards the chasers award.

Contacts should be made from the same DXCC entity and must be made with licensed amateur stations operating within the IOCA rules. Only contacts after June 26,1991 are valid. Contacts can be on any HF band (1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24 or 28 MHz) or on 50 MHz.

Maritime mobile contacts are not allowed. All stations must be shown to be land based.

All participants in the IOCA Program need to present and keep its high standards of morality and dignity, strictly applying the rules of ham spirit.

All levels of IOCA diploma are free-of-charge for island activators.

Decision of the HRS committee (21 December 2004.) accepting the conditions by which an island qualifies for an IOCA number.

1. For the IOCA programme, every island, that appears on the maps of the National Hydrographical Institute of the Republic of Croatia, is valid. (scale 1:100000).

2. Island, as per clause 1, must be permanently above sea level. (ie. must be a true island and not a reef)

3. Island must have an formal name on the official maps as per clause 1.

4. Allocation of a CI-number to a newly activated island will be considered after its activation.

5. In exceptional cases, activations may be allocated only a temporary CI-number.

6. In order that activations be recognised and for the allocation of a permanent CI-number of a newly activated island, it is necessary that:
a) the activator completes no less than 50 radio contacts with different stations.
b) the submission of an extract of a map as per clause 1, that shows the position of the activated island or that provides its exact coordinates.
c) The IOCA manager receives an extract of the log showing no less than 50 different contacts, frequency information is not required.
d) For group activations, additional conditions apply, refer to latest IOCA rules.

7. Apart from considerations of clause 5, it is necessary to satisfy one of two requirements:
a) submission of a signed declaraction by two persons who witnessed the activation and who certify that the activation took place on the attested island or
b) submission of photogaphic or video material that records the radio amateur station was active at the attested location.

8. Only the IOCA manager has the authority to allocate new IOCA numbers, as well as the acceptance of proof of activation.

9. Any decision regarding new IOCA numbers will appear on the HRS website as well as on th IOCA web site nomore that 24 hours after any such decision.

The Islands of Croatia Directory costs 8 IRC's (or 10 Euro) and should be applied for initially. The cost of The Directory includes the cost of the Basic certificate. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond stickers cost 8 IRC's (or 10 Euro) plus 4 IRC's (or 5 Euro) for returned (QSL) postage. Plaque and Trophies cost 20 IRC's (or 25 Euro). When applying for the Basic award, applicants should also send sufficient postage to cover the cost of returning their QSL cards, otherwise these will be returned via the bureau.

Application forms for the IOCA Directory and IOCA awards should be sent to:

Hrvatski radioamaterski savez
(za IOCA)
Dalmatinska 12
HR-10000 Zagreb