Around Vela Palagruža island

These 3 videos show one activity which we realised during our expedition on Palagruza island (EU-090).
Operators: Boki, 9A3KB/p and Emir, 9A6AA/p
CI-949, The rock of Pupak
(15 sec)

We tried to land and set-up our radio and antenna sistem. There is no enough place and we decided to go on another nearby rocks.. Next time...
From CI-949 to CI-950
(240 sec)

(If you like to see beautiful pictures taken during Palagruza's activities, visit here, please)
CI-950, The rocks of Volici
(37 sec)

Successful landing. Boki, 9A3KB, and Emir, 9A6AA, for the first time on that rare IOCA island
Another video about Croatian islands
CI-258, Galešnjak island
Croatian TV, Feb 14, 2009
(88 sec)

Croatian Isle of Love...