Alright this isn't my favourite story and I feel I could have done much better. I mean it is rather long and a few aspects don't add up. But a good story to get people screaming at me from both sides of the aisle is a good start I think.
Introduction : It does have many things in it and I am sure most everybody should be able to find a part they love. Enjoy my first story and I promise I will have better ones soon.
The Babysitter

Little Hannah was out playing in the yard when her parent’s called her over. The small eleven year old girl set her toys down and trotted off to her mother, “What did you want, mom?”

“Hannah, your father and I are going out of town for the weekend. You grandmother is in the hospital and we are going to go see her.”

“Grandma,” Hannah asked nervously, “I want to go see her too.”

“No, sweetie, you have to stay here. You are too young to see the things in a hospital.”

“I am not too young for anything, I want to go.”

“You are not going. That is final. Your babysitter will be here shortly so please go clean up.”

“I don’t need a babysitter I am eleven years old almost twelve. I can take care of myself”

“Oh yes baby I know. But I still would feel better if there was some one here to take care of the house. Now go on and get ready to meet your babysitter. Hurry he will be here very soon.”

Hannah ran inside the house and up the stairs, “I am so old enough to go and I don’t need no damned babysitter. They still think I am a child. One day they will see I am no child anymore” Hannah mumbles to herself while changing out of her dirty cut off shorts and t-shirt into a black dress skirt and a purple long sleeved top. She heard the doorbell ring and thought to herself, I guess I should go see whom I will be spending the weekend with. They probably got some preppy guy who doesn’t know how to have any fun at all. She walks down the stairs and sees a young kind of cute brunette man at the door.

“Oh here she is. Jared, this is Hannah. I hope you two have lots of fun this weekend.” Hannah’s parents leave the house.

Jared waves them off and shouts, “Have a safe trip. I hope everything will be all right. And don’t worry about us we will be fine.”

Hannah descends the stairs, “So you are the person who will be insulting my independence this weekend.”

Confusedly Jared looks at the little girl, “That is a bold statement coming from a girl that is so young.”

“I am old enough to do whatever I want to do so just remember that and I think we will be just fine.” Hannah enters the next room and sits on the couch. She turns on the television. She channel surfs for a while and rests on a documentary on spiders.

Jared sits next to her, “Belch, I hate spiders, they are so icky.”

“Funny you should say that I was just thinking the same thing” she pauses for a moment “about you.”

Jared glances at the obviously sharp little girl. “You are only eleven? I know girls my age who aren’t as witty as you.”

“And what age are these girls?”

“Seventeen just like me.”

“Well I am almost twelve and I go to a private school.”

“Good o’ public school system turning all women into dumb blondes.” Jared smirks and looks at the young girl. She begins to laugh a little. “Now see I am not so bad. We will be just fine, won’t we?”

“I guess, just remember that you are to take care of me not own me.”

Jared laughs, “Alright, I will be in the other room watching T.V. These spiders are freaking me out.” He gets up and leaves the room. HE sits down two rooms over where another T.V. is. He puts a tape into the VCR and presses play.

Four an hour or so everything is quiet, till Hannah opens the door, “What are you watching?”

“It is called Pussy in Paradise. And no you can’t come and watch it with me. Go find more spiders or whatever you like to do.”

“Why can’t I watch it with you?”

“Because you are too young to watch it.”

Hannah sprints in and flops on the couch next to him screaming, “I am not too young for anything.” She looks at the screen, “holy shit. That woman is naked. What is this?”

Jared pauses the tape and turns off the T.V. “It is an adult movie that is not to be viewed by children.”

“What ever I am staying here with you. Either you turn that movie back on or you watch something else” Hannah looks up at Jared and laughs.

“Fine you want to watch this movie? Well ok then, on one condition.”

“Deal, whatever you want.”

“You can not tell your parents you watched a movie with any nudity in it this weekend. Deal?”

Hannah looked at him for a while, “Deal.”

Jared turns the movie back on and they both relax on the couch. Hannah rests her head on Jared’s leg, “Why is that guy sticking his penis in her vagina?”

Jared gazes down at the cute young little girl. She was fascinated by the movie and he found it kind of sexy. “It is called sex. Adults do it when they love each other or when they are bored.”

“Why, it looks really painful.”

“Well for a child it is painful, but for an adult it feels really good.”

“Alright, well why is she sticking it in her mouth?”

“You see that is called a blow job. When a woman wants to have sex and the man isn’t ready for it yet she sucks him off till he is hard. Other times women just like the way a cock feels in their mouths.”

“Alright then, what is that stuff she is spitting out?”

Jared laughs, “You are an inquisitive one aren’t you? That is called cum. When a man or woman gets really really excited a really sweet tasting liquid comes from their loins. That is their penis or vagina.”

“Have you ever came before?”

Jared laughs harder, “Yes I have. Tell me why are you so fascinated with all this?”

“I always ask about everything I see. What does cum taste like?”

“Well, that is very hard to explain. It is the sweetest and best tasting thing you can ever have and you can’t put it in to words.”

“In that case give me some.” Hannah jumps up and kneels before him.

Jared looks shockingly at the eager child, “Hell no! You are way too young to even see a cock in person let alone suck one.”

Hannah looks at him with anger in her eyes. She claws at his pants, “Damn you I said I am not too young for anything and I will fucking prove it.”

Jared pushes her back, “Damn you, fine I see I can’t win this so I will let you do what ever you want this weekend if you promise not to tell you parents about any of it.”

“Whatever I will prove I am not a kid. I will show you I can do anything.”

“Alright, now just sit there. I will get my cock out and ready for you.” Jared stands up and unzips his pants. He reaches inside them and pulls out his half erect penis. “Now before you start think about it and if you really want to do this I will let you.”

Hannah doesn’t even pause for moment. She immediately begins licking all up and down his cock. “I told you I could do this.”

“Yes you did, but you aren’t doing it right. It is supposed to go in your mouth like candy. Suck on it very gently like a Popsicle.” Hannah pushes the cock past her lips and in to her mouth. She runs her tongue around his cock while she bobs in his lap. “Yes. That is much better. Now take your hand and wrap it around the rest of my dick.” Her left hand grasps his rod. Her tongue presses on the tip of him while she continues to suck him. “That is very good, now run that hand over the length of it and you will be getting your wish very soon.” Her hand begins stroking the remaining inches of Jared’s cock while she begins rolling her lips up and down the top of him. Jared reaches down and begins stroking Hannah’s hair. “You are a very good girl. And you really love to learn.” As Jared finished his sentence his muscles tensed and he shot a giant load of hot cum into the young girls mouth. “Swallow it Hannah.” She holds the thick hot liquid in her mouth for a while enjoying the taste then swallows his load.

“That really was the best thing I ever tasted. But why did I have to swallow it the girl on T.V. didn’t.”

“Spitting cum out is like wasting good food. If you had a nice piece of chicken on the counter would you throw it away or eat it?”

Hannah laughs, “Eat it of course. But if cum is so valuable why do some women spit it out?”

Jared smiles down at the intelligent little girl, “Because those women don’t understand the value.”

“Well I am never going to waste any of it.”

“That is good to hear. Now get your ass up here and watch the movie.”

Hannah obeys and rests her head on his leg again. Jared tucks his fading erection back in his pants and strokes the girl’s cheek. “Do you think we could try some other stuff they are doing, Jared?”

“No, I don’t think you are old enough to have my cock in your pussy but maybe later today I will show you how to play with that snatch of yours.” He caresses her face some more and she falls asleep in his lap. She is such a curious little girl. She is also so innocent. It is a wonderful thing that she wants to learn about sex and pleasure but I feel kind of guilty for robbing her of her beautiful innocence. The credits begin to roll and the babysitter stops and rewinds the movie. He lifts the little girls head gently off his lap and rest it on a throw pillow. He kisses her cheek then exits the room.

Slowly Hannah’s eyes open and she realizes that her babysitter was gone. Worry struck her and she jumps up to look for him. “Jared! Jared where are you?” she shrieks out with obvious fear in her voice.

Jared comes running in, “What is it? What wrong, Hannah? Are you alright?”

Hannah sprints to him and hugs him, “I thought you left me.”

“No, I could never do that to such a sweet little girl. I didn’t want to wake you while I made dinner. I am sorry if I scared you”

The little girl smiles and nuzzles him, “I wasn’t scared. I thought you were trying to get out of your promise.”

“Well let’s eat first. I have some chicken in the kitchen waiting for us. Afterwards if you still want to I will show you how to finger yourself so you can cum too.”

Hannah leaps with glee, “Yes, lets do that I will have a wonderful dinner then some of your cum for dessert.”

Jared smiles and chuckles a bit, “Sounds like you got yourself a plan.” The two enter the kitchen and Hannah jumps up on to Jared’s lap. He releases his cock onto her bare leg while feeding her. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled at the warm stiffening rod resting on her thigh. After they finished Jared hoisted the girl in his arms and took her into her parent’s bedroom. Her eyes never left the still exposed and fully erect penis. “You still want to learn how to pleasure yourself?”

“Yes, yes, very much, Jared”

He kissed the small child on the cheek and laid her on the bed. He unzipped her skirt and pulled it down with her light blue cotton panties. “You have yourself a few little hairs down here. Did you know that?”

She giggles, “Not really.”

Jared places his hand over her warm slit, “Well you do, and they are quite beautiful. Now prepare yourself I am about to show you how to masturbate.” His middle finger runs up from the bottom of her cunt to the top caressing the young clit. Hannah begins to whimper and arches her back. Jared slips the finger into her glistening pussy. “You like having things inside you, don’t you?”

“Ye…y…yes. I love it. Is this what sex feels like?”

Jared licks the young girls neck. “No, sex feels even better then this.”

“Better? How can something be better then this?”

He smiles at her and sucks on her neck some, “It just is. Now that I showed you how to do this I want to see you try it out.”

“Okay, I will try,” Nervously and shakily Hannah guides her hand to her crotch. She cups her own little pussy, runs her middle finger up the length of her snatch just like Jared and forces it inside her. She lets out a little squeal, “I am inside myself. It feels so good.”

“I am very proud of you. Now put another finger inside it,” Jared said smiling.

“Alright.” She smiles back up at him and slides her index finger into her slit alongside her other finger.

“You are such a good little girl. Do you want to suck on my lollipop again?”

Hannah’s mouth opens wide, “Yes, can I, please?”

“Of course you can, my little angel. And watching you pleasure yourself like this has gotten it all hard for you.” Hannah gets up to her knees and quickly swallows Jared’s cock. With her free hand she reaches for the remainder of it. “No, no, Hannah. I want both hands playing with your ripe little snatch.”

Hannah gags out, “But I am filled as it is.”

“Then just use your two index fingers to stretch yourself out. And use your thumbs to stroke your fresh clit. When you are able to fit your index fingers and middle fingers inside you we will start talking about sex.” He winks at her and rests his right hand on her head.

“Alright,” she manages to choke out. She removes her middle finger and inserts her second index finger.

Her head bobs rapidly on the seven-inch spike in her mouth. “Damn, you are a quick learner.” Three inches of his cock disappears beyond Hannah’s sweet innocent mouth then her head pulls back till his tip touches her lips. She then shoves her head back down on him and holds there while she wraps her tongue around his cock. She sucks on him hard while her tongue swims around him. “Oh baby, suck on it. Suck harder Hun.” Hannah continues to suck as hard as she can while she begins bobbing on him again. The more Hannah learns about sucking dick the faster her fingers fly into her steaming white-hot cunt. She begins moaning and screaming as she feels her very first orgasm approach her loins. Moments before her pussy erupts in hot love juice he blows his load in her hungry mouth. Her mouth slides of his cock as she swishes and tastes his cum in her mouth before swallowing it. As the thick white liquid runs down her throat her dripping cunt explodes in lust and cum. “Was that your first orgasm, sweetie?”

“Yes, I think it was.”

Jared pushes her on her back and licks up the mess she made between her legs. She begins screaming in ecstasy while his tongue darts and drags around her thighs, clit, and inside her. He finishes cleaning her and lightly kisses her pussy lips. “I bet that was the first time some one sucked on your pussy too.”

“Yes, it is” Hannah gasps

“Did you like it?”

“Very much.”

“Well I think it is time for you to go to bed. You have had a long day.” Jared lifts the child in his arms and carries her to her room and lays her on her bed. He kisses her fore head, “good night cutie, sleep tight”

“You aren’t going to sleep with me?”

“No, you are a big girl you can sleep alone.” He kisses her again and leaves the room switching off the light on his way out.

Hannah rolls onto her side and smiles to herself. He is so smart. He is teaching me so many fun things. Her hand finds itself inside her still bare pussy. She fingers herself for several minutes moaning into her pillow. Jared, thank you for this knowledge. Three fingers slide swiftly and effortlessly in and out her cunt while her thumb runs circles around her tiny clit. After about ten minutes her pussy clenches and convulses sputtering her fresh little girl cum onto her sheets. She quickly falls asleep with her hand still in her snatch.

Hannah wakes up early. She finds herself in the same position she was in last night. She extracts her little fingers out of her slightly moist cunt and goes in search of Jared. She finds him in her parent’s bed with several magazines around him. She tiptoes up to the bedside and looks at one of the magazines. She picks it up and flips through it. She is wearing a uniform that looks like the one I wear to school. She lifts up the blankets and crawls underneath them. She finds his penis still unclothed and gently kisses it. She laughs when it twitches and hits her nose. She licks the length of his cock then sucks lightly on the very tip. She hears him groan and smiles. She wraps both hands around his limp cock and slowly strokes it. As it sways from side to side she licks every inch of unwrapped penis. Jared begins to arise and his cock slowly stiffens. As Jared awakens and mumbles about something Hannah didn’t understand. She greets him with his cock in her mouth. She releases his now erect cock throws the blankets aside, “Good morning sleepy head. Do you like your wake up call?’

With a shocked look in his eyes, “Hannah! What the…? Um… well yes I guess. Thank you for such a thoughtful greeting.”

Pleased with herself she begins to jerk the young man off, “You’re welcome I enjoyed giving it to you.” She picks up the magazine she was looking at and shows him the picture she found, “This girl is wearing a uniform just like mine. Do you like this uniform?”

“Holy shit, you shouldn’t be looking at that. But…well… since you asked yes I do think that uniform is pretty hot.”

Hannah smiles gleefully and sprints out of the room. A minute or two later she comes back in wearing her schoolgirl uniform. “Do you like it?”

“Damn, I can’t believe it. You actually look hotter than before.”

“Want to know something? I am not wearing panties so you can suck my pussy easier.” she winks at him and pulls up her skirt.

“I think it is smiling at me.” Jared chuckles as his cock snaps back to attention.

Hannah releases her skirt and it falls back into place covering up her happy little pussy. “So does that mean you are going to give it a big long kiss?”

“No, I am not.”

The little girl frowns, “why not?”

“Because I have an idea that will please me more.”

Hannah smiles again excitedly, “what’s your idea?”

“I am not going to tell you. But soon you will learn. Now come here and do everything I tell you and stay where I place you.” She walks up to Jared’s side eagerly to learn what he has in mind. He faces her towards the wall looking over the bed. He bends her over and massages her young firm ass.

Hannah feels Jared remove one hand and hears him start to massage his glorious cock. She smiled thinking about his cock erupting that wonderful thick cum on her ass and skirt. She knew it was ‘wasting’ cum as Jared had said but she still couldn’t help but ponder about it. Then to her shock she felt something enter her tight muscular snatch. She determined it wasn’t his fingers and it felt different from the penis Jared sported. “What is that?”

“My cock, I decided that your body is too hot and marvelous not to fuck.”

“It feels different then when it was in my mouth.”

“I put a condom on, I am not sure if you are able to get pregnant yet so I thought better safe than sorry.”

Hannah relaxes content with the answer. She smiles when she realizes that she is having sex. “It feels so good. It is better than my fingers.”

Jared grasps the young girls ass while he gently pumps his cock in and out of her extremely tight slit. “I told you it would be. Do you want more pleasure?”

The girl tries to look back at her lover when answering, “How?”

“I found some toys of your mothers.”

“What is it?”

Jared releases her ass and pulls out a five-inch vibrator from under the mattress. He applies some lubrication to it and replies, “it is an artificial penis that vibrates.” Before the child has time to ask where he was going to put it he rams it into here cute little ass.

Shocked and in more than just a bit of pain she cries, “Ow. Jared, that hurts. Please… please stop.” Tears enter the poor child’s eyes.

The vibrator slides out of her firm ass. “You said you were old enough to do anything. Big girls get fucked in there sexy round asses.”

Hannah sighs, “Alright, but please try to be more gentle.”

Jared smiles leans forward and kisses the girls cheek from behind. “I am sorry I will try to be more gentle. I don’t want to hurt you.” He begins pumping his cock again in her very strong cunt. The vibrator gets reinserted slowly and gently. He only shoves about half of it inside her and holds it in her. The babysitter switches the toy on. The girl is torn between pain and pleasure as the cold metal rod vibrates in her aching butt. “Confused on how to feel?”

“It hurts but I like the pain. It is satisfying me.”

“Sex is all about the melding of emotions. In the beginning it is always confusing.”

“I am so lucky to have some one like you to show me how to do this.”

The young teen smiles and with the hand not working the toy he rubbed the girls back. “I am not sure if you should be so happy about this. Little girls like you shouldn’t be thinking about sex or wanting to learn about it so much.” He pauses for a moment to suppress his orgasm. Once back under control he begins riding her again. “You, however, want to learn all about it and are more than happy to learn through example.”

“At school all the girls my age do nothing but talk about sex. We spend our free time at school to research the subject. A few of the girls have had sex with their boyfriends and one girl had her brother explain it all to her. They later had sex when she didn’t understand what he was talking about.”

Hearing this was driving Jared insane. So many young girls so eager to learn and enact their knowledge on my best subject. He tried to hold back his orgasm but the thought of all those young innocent girls wanting so badly to get laid pushed him over the sexual edge. He clutched Hannah’s shoulder as his orgasm raged through his body.

Hannah had already had two orgasms while explaining her school subject of choice and was shocked she could do so. She was even more shocked that she wanted more.

As Jared’s senses regained to him he heard the phone ringing. He removed his cock from the young girls pussy and she begged him to keep going. He yanked the vibrator out of her ass and placed it in you cunt. “Satisfy yourself I got to go answer the phone. It might be your parents so try to be quiet.” Jared turned the T.V. on where he had another porn movie playing. He left Hannah on the bed enjoying herself and the movie to answer the phone. He sprints to the kitchen to avoid the sounds of the small child wailing in sexual glee and the T.V. “hello?”

The voice on the other end of the phone asked, “is Hannah there?”

Confused on what to do he replied, “Hold on I will see if she is out of the shower. May I ask who is calling?”


“Okay Alayna I will she if she is available.” Jared pushes the mute button and walks back to the bedroom where he left the child. He found her rolling on the bed fucking herself hard with the toy. Her eyes were glued to the television screen. “Uh… Hannah an Alayna is on the phone do you want to tear yourself away from your cunt to talk to her?”

Hannah picks up the phone next to her parent’s bed, “Hey Alayna, what’s up?” she moans into the phone

Horrified Jared whispers, “What are you doing. You can’t let anyone know about this.”

“I am fine. What are you doing?”

“I am fucking myself with a toy I found in my parents room.”

“Oh my God, I have to come over and play with it.”

“Mom and Dad are out of town for right now and my babysitter loves watching T.V. so you can as long as you can keep it quiet.”

“Of course I can, Hannah, anything to learn about sex.”

The girls say their goodbyes and Jared listened to al of it. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? You are going to get me in so much trouble.”

“Don’t worry. Just sit in the other room and watch T.V. That is all you have to day and we will be in my room playing with this awesome toy you found. Are there anymore of these in here?”

Jared reluctantly pulls out a small box full of sex toys. “This is a dildo. It is a fake dick that doesn’t vibrate. There are five of these in here. Here are two more vibrators. These cans contain lubricant so it doesn’t hurt as much to fuck your ass. This belt thing here is a Strap-on. It is so you can fuck someone else just like I fucked you. Try to keep it quiet so it isn’t so obvious I know there are two little girls playing with each other and fucking themselves.”

Hannah Jumped up and hugged her babysitter, “Thank you, I will try to keep it down.” She kisses him on the cheek and bounces off to her room with the box of toys. She enters her room and sits on her bed. She pulls out each toy and lays them down on the bed. She licks her lips thinking about how to play with her newly found passions.

Jared shrugs as he watched his responsibility skip to her room with a box of dildos and other toys. He turns and walks into the living room where he sits in an easy chair and turns on the T.V. He turns on the playstation he found and began a game of Final Fantasy 7. He was playing for a mere fifteen minutes or so when the doorbell rang. He gets up and answers it. He finds a small dark haired little girl in a red dress smiling up at him. “Hi, I am Alayna. I am here to see Hannah.”

Jared hesitates while looking at the small beauty in the girl. Her bust was partially developed, her stomach was flat and toned, and her butt was firm and round, “Oh… god… Um, Yes she is in her room. Come on in.” He watches the girl enter, smile at him then run towards the back bedroom. He smiles awkwardly thinking about what will be going on in a few moments in that room. He resumes his game and tries to keep it out of his mind.

Alayna reaches the door and knocks on it gently before entering the room. When she walked in she saw her friend sitting on her bed in her uniform with several brightly colored objects next to her. “Are those the toys?”

Hannah smiles and lifts up her skirt exposing her pussy with a medium sized purple dildo buried in it. “Yes, these toys are the best things I have ever played with.”

Alayna runs over and jumps on to the bed. “Which one can I play with?” the child asks looking hungrily at the playthings. Hannah picks up the vibrator Jared used on her lifts up her friends skirt. She shoves her hand in her friend’s panties and inserts the vibrator into the second girl’s virgin pussy. “Holy fucking shit, is this pleasure possible?”

Playing with her best friend’s untouched cunt she looks into her eyes, “Believe it or not I know of something that feels even better.”

“Oh my god, you mean something can feel better than this? I don’t believe it.” Alayna’s head drops back and her eyes roll into her head.

Hannah smiles at the thought of spreading the knowledge and pleasure that her babysitter gave her, “Yes, there is something I know of that feels better. A real live penis pumping in your pussy.”

“You had sex? How much better can it possibly feel?”

“Unbelievably better, Jared my babysitter taught me all this. After seeing me in my uniform he said I was too hot not to fuck. He then stuck his penis in me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My knees got all weak and I thought I was going to loose consciousness. And while he fucked my pussy he constantly rubbed and squeezed my ass. See this spot on my skirt? That is the cum that dripped on me when he removed his condom.”

“Oh my. I want him to have sex with me.”

Hannah gets a sly look on her face. “Maybe we can get him to teach us both a few more lessons.” Hannah winks at her. Both girls begin laughing and think of ways to get the babysitter inside their baby cunts. “I got it, Alayna. Just follow me.” Hannah dons the strap on a shoves a rather large vibrator in her best friends bare ass. The girls walk down the hall and into the room where Jared sat and played games

“Holy shit, Hannah what did I tell you?”

She laughs and bends Alayna over the couch where Jared sat. She turned on the vibrator and inserted her flase cock. “I know, but she was loving it so much I wanted to show you. Is this what I looked like when I was being fucked?”

Not sure what to do or think he replies, “Well no, she looks like she is enjoying it a bit more. It looks like she is about to orgasm at any second.”

Alayna moans and screams at the feeling of the latex cock pumping fiercely into her young virgin pussy. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth while whimper at the onslaught. Hannah utters, “I think she is asking for a cock in her mouth.”

“Damn it Hannah, you know I am not supposed to do things like that with you girls.”

In a tiny voice alayna whispers, “Please, please Jared can I please suck on you?”

“You heard her. She wants you so bad Jared are you really going to deny a young eager girl your hot cock?”

Alayna reaches out with a weak hand towards Jared’s pants. He shrugs and releases his hard rod. Hungry Alayana devours the dick. “You two are in so much trouble once I cum.”

Alayna spits out the penis and screams as a bone crushing orgasm rages through her body and exploding from her pussy. Jared sighs with annoyance, “Bitch, you begged for my cock so you had better finish it off. And Hannah sits down over there and fuck yourself. You girls are going to start listening to me from now on.”

Hannah sits on the couch, removes her strap on and shoves it in her. “Alayna I can feel you’re cum inside me.”

“Good whore,” Jared rests his hand on Alayna’s head and gently pushes it back into his lap, “remember you asked for it and now you have to keep sucking till I explode.”

The poor girl tries to sit up but Jared holds her down. “Jared I think she wants up.”

“You two wanted this remember, now do what I say and everything will be just fine. Hannah just focuses on your cunt and Alayna suck me off or you will get your ass smacked.” Alayna begins sucking again Jared’s hand guiding her at all times. He releases her head and grasps her hips. The young man hoists the child up and lowers her over his cock. He pries open her pussy lips and slides his throbbing dick inside her.

“Hannah it hurts, what should I do?”

“Take it, we did ask him for this.”

“Damn right you did, now Hannah get over here and fuck your friend in her ass.” Hannah returns the strap on to its place and jams it into the soft round ass of the girl she grew up with. “Good girl”

“So good. Hurts. Fuck me.”

“Alayna I am here with you.” Hannah holds her friend close while she fucks her ass and her babysitter thrusts into the tiny bald slit. Hannah’s tiny tits press into Alayna’s back

Jared wraps an arm around his victim and draws her close to him. His tongue laps at her nipples. His other hand massages Hannah’s hard working ass. “Such good girls. Now get off and line up bent over on the couch.”

Together the girls respond, “Yes sir.” They both strip to nudity and bend over the adjacent couch.

Jared picks up the strap on and licks it, “Damn, your cum tastes great together.” He holds onto Alayna’s hips firmly. With a hard smack his cock flew into her sore pussy. He pounds her with a few strokes and pulls out of her. He then repeats this to Hannah. He pumps a little harder into the defiant girl and she screams in pain. Though she begins to cry she only asks for more. “That’s right slut, you want more and I will give it to you.” He smacks his hips against the child’s ass then abruptly stops. Once his cock is free from aching cunt he spanks poor Hannah till her ass begins to glow. “OK girls now turn around and suck me till I cum.”

Alayna answers, “Jared both our mouth can’t suck on you”

“Well then figure it out you are smart girls. Take turns or both of you lick it or something.” The girls lean in and begin lapping the length of his penis. Their tongues touch and begin to work in unison. Hannah’s lips cover half of the dick while Alayna wraps her lips around the other. The two young girls begin kissing each other with Jared’s cock between them. As the two begin to loose themselves in the passion on the kiss Jared slips cock out from between them and sits in a chair facing them. He begins to jerk himself off while he watch the two very young girls make out. The crawl closer to each other, until, they are able to wrap their legs around the other.

The girls grind their tiny bald pussies together as their tongues lose themselves in the other’s mouth. Hannah’s hand is the first to roam down to their cunts and inserts itself into her friend’s hot slit. Alayna follows her lead and presses two of her fingers into the other pussy.

Jared sits back and enjoys the show he created. His hand strokes his cock firmly while he considers humping the two fucking girls. He eventually gets up walks to the tangled mess of young experimenting lesbians lays his pulsating cock on the Brunette’s bare back. He only stands there allowing the girls to do the work. While Alayna fucks her friend roughly she notices the cock on her back but doesn’t acknowledge it. Jared decides to crouch down and get into the action himself. Wrapping his arms around the girls and fondling her tiny tits he pumps his hips slowly on her back. His orgasm quickly approaches and moments before it takes him he picks up his guest from her lover and jams his cock into her sopping cunt. He only bangs his hips into her a few times before his cock head erupts in the burning thick liquid. He keeps up his pace driving his seed deep in to the little girls young barely used pussy.

Once his cock begins to shrink he releases the child’s ass to continue humping her friend. Jared leaves the two fucking in the living room while he prepares lunch. He cooks several grilled cheese sandwiches and returns to the living room to notify the nude girls. When he arrives he finds them still in a pile breathing heavily and not moving. “Lunch is ready, girls come and get it.”

Slowly they get up and head for the kitchen. “Jared, your cock Cumming in me felt so good. I can still feel it clinging to the inside of my pussy.”

“Tonight I get to have him cum in me.”

“OK what ever you two say, I will be going to bed early so if you want to fuck me it is all up to you.”

After lunch the girls went outside and played with some other girls from the neighborhood while Jared relaxed in front of the T.V. around ten in the evening Jared went to bed and the girls still had not come back in. After receiving permission for Alayna to spend the night they were out playing hide and go seek with their friends and didn’t get home for another hour. When they found Jared asleep they were disappointed and went to Hannah’s room. They got undressed and both got under the blankets nude. Giggling they fingered the other to orgasm and fell asleep holding each other. Jared woke them up early in the morning and told them to get dressed and to help clean up the house. “Hannah, your parents will be home in a few hours we got to hide all the porn and put the toys back where we found them.”

After the house was clean they sat around and relaxed for about a half hour before the door opened and some one spoke out, “We’re home.”

“Mom! Dad! Welcome back I missed you”

“Was she well behaved Jared?”

“No ma’am, she was an angel. She really did a lot around here to help me out.”

“Well that’s good, did you enjoy your time with Jared?”

“Yeah, he taught me a lot and we had lots of fun.”

“Well Jared, we may be calling you back here some other time.” Hannah’s parents begin to laugh and the others smile

“I look forward to it, Hannah is a very fine girl that usually does what she is told. I wish all the kids I watched were as good as her” Jared said farewell to the family after being paid and headed home. He walked in to his door and saw a large stack of messages. All of them were from parents going out of town and asking if they could watch their kids while they were gone. Jared knew that in each house there would be a young girl begging to learn about the birds and the bees.

The End