My Hyundai Accent

Novi Yugo My Hyundai Accent
Here is my new Hyundai. After my unsuccessful attempt to buy a new Yugo ( more details available in the 'History' section ), I decided to buy an Accent that costed 19 500 DM ( 10 000 $). I am very satisfied with it. Opel Astra, Fiat Punto and Škoda Fabia were also somewhere in that price range, but they lacked extra equipment and had a less powerful engine than this one in the Accent ( 1300 ccm ). I wasn't planning to sell my new car in the near future so I decided to by an Accent with extra equipment. Most of the people like the car and say it's gorgeous, BUT...!? " If I had the money, I would buy a German car! " On the other hand, drivers who are " fortunate " enough to be driving behind a German car, Opel Astra, recognize its " quality " when they notice the lack of plastic parts on the rear tires that prevent gravel being "thrown" on the other cars and when they afterwards check their bonnet and feel the " quality " of the car about which all the " great " automobilists speak highly on their own skin. Not to mention those drivers who are driving behind the mentioned Astra and who are practically blinded by the too powerful rear lights added to the car by the " great engineers ". I must also mention the big scandal in Germany when the truth about Astras started CORRODING when they were still in the FACTORY came out. I admit that the Hyundai isn't a very special car ( so that it wouldn't turn out that I'm only talking trash about western cars ), but at that price it is more profitable to buy a Hyundai than some western car in the same class, but without any equipment. Think about it, does it pay, in the long run, to pay 10 000 DM ( 5000 $ ) more just to be able to say that you are driving a " German "? Extra equipment of my Accent involves an airbag for the driver, air-conditioning system, el. windows, central locking, height adjustable steering wheel, etc. Here are a few photos of my Hyundai Accent.

Technical data
Manufacturer: Hyundai
Type: Accent
Model: 1.3 GL
Color: Japanese light red 74
Made in: Korea
Year: 2000
Engine: 1341 ccm
Kw: 55 Kw
Hp: 75
Length: 4235 cm
Width: 1670 cm
Height: 1395 cm
Tyres: 175/70R13
Weight: 1070 kg
Max. velocity: 170 km/h (190km/h with eurosuper 98)


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