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Big thanks to Mr. Hrvoje Ban for support and the translation of the web site to English,

In the beginning I would like to thank you for visiting this web page. On the left you can see links which can help you to find something more about the Zastava car model - YUGO. I live in Croatia and own a Yugo Koral 45. That is the only reason I created this web page ( there are no political reasons ). In this country this car is still in use because its price makes it more or less affordable to young people who mostly use it. Yugo by itself is poorly equipped, which is not so bad for young people because they can tailor the car to their own taste by adding extra equipment. To cut a long story short, have a good time.


AGAIN IN ENGLISH 03.09.2002.

This site is back in English!

Yugo comeback in America!

New! Yugo in America soon! Click there for more:

Novi Yugo Novi Yugo Fresh news! New Yugo


To view pic and read something about new Yugo click here

Yugo limuzina Yugo limuzina Yugo Limo
We have pic of Yugo Limo

Find this at menu: Curiosities

Yugo voziv s obje strane Yugo with two front sides
Yugo with two front ends ( i.e. can be driven from both sides ) really exists.

Find this at menu: Curiosities

Yugo - Lemon of the century
The Yugo GV was voted Lemon of the century by a some Australian internet site. Apparently it is Unsafe, Unreliable and nothing ever went right and on top of that lethargic performance and ugly.
They obviously agree with nippleflicker that the Yugoslavian bombing was a good thing.
They should see the 400,000 mile Yugo that an original owner is still driving.

Yugo Yugo - worst car of the millennium..
Yugo is won to be a worst car of the millennium. I don't think that is true.

P.S. Do not miss to visit the " Yugo sport " and " Curiosities " section because in it you can see the Yugo that can be driven from both sides, Yugo powered by wood, Yugo powered by current and a lot of other curious and interesting stuff.

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