Racing Pigeons Fancier club Sinj-1996 is founded, like you can see in his name at 1996 year, on initiative of Ante Filipovic and a few pigeon faciers from city of Sinj.Base foundation of our club is longtime tradition of breeding racing pigeons in our area since 1950. when started organized breeding of racing pigeons.First racing pigeons in Sinj come from German army in ww2 ,evidence of that we can find today in german rings on local garrets of older houses.At the 1980 in Sinj is established ex. club of racing pigeons caled Cetina, and before the war for independence he gather about 25 fanciers,but without anny bigger sucess in organized racing.
With begining The war for indepedence of Croatia, almoust all fanciers of Cetina voluntary acceded formations of ZNG and croatian police forces, our club is stop all activities,and only after ending of agression on our country ,pigeon fancers once again starting new club named Sinj-1996 and at 1997 we became member of Croatian Racing Pigeons Association in anual congres in Osijek.
For firs official race we are wait until 1998. , whwn our club first time participated in official racing program, by organizing flight race fom Udbina with partipation of 8 fanciers and 116 pigeons, and since then continuously participate in croatian championship with old pigeons and youngsters,with parallel working on expanding and popularization of this beatiful sport not only in our town but whole Dalmatia, helpinmg our sportsfriends to organize two more clubs in our area in city of Trilj and Kaštela.
Our club raced without anny biger result until year of 2000, when we become first club in Croatia in racing with youngsters with 1.,5.,6., and 9. pigeons in Croatia, and we have 2.,7., and 8. team of youngsters in Whole country.
During 2001. we buy special transporter for carrying pigeons with capacity for cca. 2700 pigeons, and on that way provide our members racing conditions like the best croatian breeders from big pigeons centers in Croatia.Our club also every year after racing season awarding best breeders and pigeons in club,and at the start of racing seson of youngsters organize traditionaly race Alkarski Kup in honor of our second well known notability Sinjska Alka (competition of ancient knights).
Beside all that , as our great strengh and advantage i must remark that our club have average of only 29 years per fancier.
Also we have general meeting of our club , and we chose new management in club, and people who lead this club now have even bigger ambition than old one, and tasks they put in front of them is even better results in national racing season, become member of national and international flights and introduce Sinj as one of future pigeon centers of our country.

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