Apartments Marija and Ante Bacic
Seget is an old fishermen village 2 km West from Trogir, easily reachable from Trogir by road or by foot. There is wonderful "Lungomare" (waterfront), connecting Seget with Hotel "Medena", 2 km more to the West, often used by natives and tourists for walking and jogging. The average accommodation in Seget is an apartment in private house, covering one floor of the house, with high standard and friendly landlords. The Seget is also known as "Middle of Adriatic" because of its geographical position exactly in the middle of coastline of the Adriatic Sea.
Trogir with its condensed contours situated on a small island seems to be a castle on the water with the prisms of its towers and crystal of its bell-towers. The most famous monument of Dalmatian masonry is the Portal of the cathedral in Trogir which was chiseled out by Master Radovan in the 13th century. Placed in the area of Mediterranean climate, Trogir with its 2700 sunny hours per year is a real treasure among other tourist destinations in Croatia. Do the evening walk through tiny streets and squares during the Trogir Summer Festival and enjoy in the Folk dances, Classical concerts in the cathedral, or music nights on Radovan square.
Citaj Hrvatski