GRUUTHAAGY's BRUT-ART drawings and art works [together with poetry and comix], have been produced over the long period of time [from 1992. or even before, 'till present time], and printed in worldwide underground publications and zines [DARK DIAMONDS, NO SANCTUARY, WARHEAD, GIBBERING MADNESS, TOPAZ, just to mention few of them]. they have no copyright. if you download them from here, you can produce them in your fanzine or on your website, but please write first. also, there is the first GRUUTHAAGY artwork cd-rom also containing FECAL FORCES fanzines and some mp3 files. it's not released yet anywhere but you can ask for your promotional / trade copy. when released, it will probably be benefit or promotional release, but more about that later [interested people send your serious offers to e mail below].