GRUUTHAAGY is one man band started at 1992 influenced by total noise acts as ATTA and 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA.
Never being just noise for the sake of noise, but always trying to add radical ideas to no-fi home made audio terrorism, another part of GRUUTHAAGY is BRUT-ART drawings and art works, equally disturbing and mind challenging.
First 10 years of GRUUTHAAGY evoluated from total noise pollution to more experimental and esoteric anti music, with numerous demos and compilation tracks recorded in that period, all resulting in many underground releases.
At year 2002 GRUUTHAAGY started a new, second decade, with new, digitally made sounds of uncompromising blackness and trendcrushing satanarchist extravaganza.
Following no rules whatsoever GRUUTHAAGY attempts to create it's own world of musick blasphemy.
Sometimes fast and aggresive, oftenly with sarcastic twist, sometimes ambient and mystic, stepping into occult realms, but allways being on the very edge, where no weak mind came expect any security nor mercy.
GRUUTHAAGY is here to fuck shit up, so be warned!

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