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This can be found on the S-Scape web site

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It can also be found as occasional postings on the happy hardcore mailing list [send help to happy-request@hardcorps.orgs for info]

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Is there anyone actually talking about happy hardcore on the Internet?

Once upon a time the Internet was a barren land with regards to happy hardcore discussion, until in early 1996 DJ Noahphex (From the good old US of A) surprisingly created the happy hardcore mailing list.
The address for subscription is:

Place the text:    subscribe happy    in the body of the text to receive all the postings to the list as and when they are posted
To receive a digest version place the text:    subscribe happy-digest     in the body of the text.

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What is happy hardcore?

It's a mutation of early 90's British breakbeat hardcore and jungle, fused with German/Dutch 4/4 percussion and synthesizer stab patterns. Most common elements are female vocals laid over major piano chords (usually with some bass and strings in the background). Speeds range from 160 bpm up to around 200bpm. [Coupe,Lawton,Weston]

Other names for happy hardcore include
4-Beat, Happycore and Bouncy techno (or soft gabba)

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What is bouncy techno?

Bouncy techno is the faster side of happy hardcore. This is essentially the bridging gap between happy hardcore and soft gabba.
DJ Brisk often plays fast bouncy techno sets.

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What is trance-core?

The onslaught of terms is on us once again with trance-core. Leading the way is Billy Bunter and Ramos, Supreme and the Sunset Regime.
Trance-core can be thought of in two ways:

  • A new and innovative direction for happy hardcore, taking it into an intelligent direction
  • or

  • Trance records on the wrong speed!

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What is a rave?

Basically, loads of people who love the music getting together in one place, dancing all night to the music they love.

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What is a raver?

It depends who you are.

  • If you're a normal human being then it's abvious that ravers go to raves to dance and enjoy their music.
  • If you're a member of parliament or police officer, then ravers are the scum of the earth and should be erradicted.

Please note that this is only my view - you may or may not agree

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Who produces happy hardcore?

Mainly happy hardcore Dj's such as Seduction, Sy & Unknown, Brisk, Slipmatt, Dougal, Vibes & Wishdokta, Billy Bunter, DNA, Hixxy, Ham and Energy (to name just a few!)
Force and Styles

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What record labels release happy hardcore?
  • Happy Jack Recordings Stage One Music Co. Ltd POBox 1000,Romford,Essex,RM6 4RU
  • Evolution Records POBox 1402 Cumbernauld,Glasgow,G67 2JJ
  • KniteForce Records POBox 80,Loughton,Essex
  • Hectic Records POBox 120,Portsmouth P01 1EU
  • Impact Records POBox 3391,London N6 5RB
  • Stompin' Stilton POBox 1587,Edinburgh EH3 9YX
  • Club Records/Goblins POBox 473,2700 AL Zoetermeer, Netherlands
  • Happy Trax POBox 3567 London E16 2NP
  • UK Dance POBox 3101,Great Holland, Frinton on Sea,Essex C013 0JZ
  • Slammin' Vinyl POBox 3679,London N18 1JU
  • United Dance Recordings POBox 2851,Chelmsford,Essex CM2 7QW
  • Triffik Toons POBox 202,Camberley,Surrey GU16 52P
  • If you want it slightly harder..then try these!

  • Ruffneck Records POBox 48, 3300 AA Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • Rotterdam Records POBox 9442, 3007 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Dwarf Records Van Kinksbergenstraat 851, 2518 GW Den Haag, Netherlands
  • ID & T Industrieweg 16, 1521 NC, Wormerveer, Netherlands
  • Motor Music GmbH Holzdamm 57, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
  • Noculan Records POBox 9108, 3007 AC, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Mokum Records Bijdorp 2, 1181 MZ, Amstelveen, Netherlands (
  • Triple B Records POBox 4233, 5604 EE, Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Phone numbers only no address on the label.

  • Big Beat Records 0586 308457
  • Just Another Label 0181 5972291
  • Massive Respect 0141 353 2074/0141 353 1118
  • Combined Forces +31-(0)70-3562732 (FAX)
  • Other HH labels for which no contact address/number is known. (get in touch if you have details)

  • Remix records
  • Fusion
  • Essential Platinium
  • Pure Dance

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Where can reviews of happy hardcore records be found?

Brisks and other Dj's reviews
Began life as Psiber and Sparky's reviews but has now grown to include such reviewers as Stomski, Nicky W, Toddy and others from the happy hardcore mailing list.

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What clubs play happy hardcore?
  • Diehard,Leicester (Fridays)
  • Reality,Stoke on Trent (Saturdays)
  • Vibealite
  • Goldiggers, Chippenham (Fridays)
  • The Fruit Club, Brunel Rooms, Swindon (Alternate Fridays)
  • Club Labyrinth, London (Saturdays)
  • Milwaukees, Bedford (Fridays)
  • Speedway Stadium, Kings Lynn (Fridays)
  • Dizstruxshon, Mexborough (nr Sheffield) (Fridays)
  • Fusion/Adrenalin events - Bath, Basingstoke, Blandford, etc.
  • Bristol Exposure - Occasional events in Bristol (Saturdays)
  • Zig Zags - Worcester (Fridays)

(There are reviews of most of these on

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What is a DJ?

Short for Disc Jockey, a happy hardcore Dj is not 'yer average disco dj. They beat match records so that, in theory, a continuous flow of music can be sustained through out the duration of the rave.

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Who are the big name DJ's?

Uk: DNA, Brisk, Dougal, Sy, Unknown, Slipmatt, Seduction, Druid, Vinylgroover
Ramos, Vibes, Hixxy, Dance, Demo, Clarkee, Billy Bunter, Demand
Stu Allan, Dream, Jimmy J, Energy.
Netherlands: Bass-D & King Matthew, Paul Elstak, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, The Revolution Team, Gizmo, Isaac, Panic, Waxweazle, Buzz Fuzz, Delirium, Rob, Flamman & Abraxas (the party animals), Omar Santana.
US: Omar Santana (also gabba, etc., even has done a trip hop tape!), Eric L.-can be e-mailed at, Kage\Paulina Taylor-can be e-mailed at, Demigod, Ron D. Core, R.A.W. (spins old school & jungle too), Delta 9 (also gabba)
Australia: Spellbound, Nik Fish, Paul Holden, Jumpin' Jack, Akira, Chester, Peter Tribe, Daydream, Asterix, Vegas, Pee Wee

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What is an MC?

Stands for "Master of Ceremonies",originally used by the Hip-Hop and Ragga scenes but (in the context of dance music) now meaning someone who incites the crowd, introduces the DJs, etc. They are supposed to compliment the music.

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Who are the big name MC's?

Sharkey, Marley, Lively, Ribbs, Magika, Stixman, Squidgey B, Connie
GQ, Man Parris, MC, Matrix.

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What are some of the big happy hardcore events?
  • Hardcore heaven - UK
  • Helter Skelter - UK
  • United Dance - UK
  • Dreamscape - UK
  • Pandemonium - UK
  • World Dance - UK
  • Evolution - UK
  • Fusion - UK
  • Hysteria - UK
  • Adrenalin - UK
  • Rezerection - (mainly) Scotland
  • Elysium - Toronto, CA.

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What big-name happy hardcore people are there on-line?

There are a number of artists on the happy hardcore mailing list such as:

    Force and Styles
    Lloyd from Impact Records defending Seduction :)
    Tony Wilson (Scottish Techno DJ)
    David Attreed
    Some up and coming geezers called S-Scape :)

Brisk and other big name DJ's can be contacted via Stevie K. on the Dance97 site: He takes emails and forwards them on via fax to the DJ's

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What is PLUR?

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It's an ideal that most happy hardcore ravers strive to live by whilst they are amongst fellow ravers and also hopefully in everyday life
There's rather a good full explanation here if you're interested.

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What is ROAR?

Usually tucked away in the bottom corner of flyers, ROAR stands for Right Of Admission Reserved. This means that they don't have to let you in the club/event if they don't like the look of you - even if you have paid!!!

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How can you make happy hardcore?

Lots of late nights, a big record collection, a huge sampler, a sequencer and a truckload of Pepsi Max. *grin*

Spend money on quality equipment and then learn how to write music. A record label owner was quoted as saying "I've received loads of demo tapes written by some kid with an Amiga and they've gone in the bin after the first listen!"

Seriously though practise, practise, practise. Don't expect your first choon to be the next Toytown!

Hints and tips on producing techno and happy hardcore can be found in the Toolbox section of S-Scape's happy hardcore world.

1. grab your PC
2. find some tracker software at (ftp site?????)
3. find sample software (ftp site????)
4. get creative.
5. this should tell you whether you have enough talent/perseverance to be succesful.
6. think about upgrades:
i. sampler
ii. effects
iii. DAT
etc. etc. - Dave Bolton

Basically a sampler and a sequencer is needed.
A sampler takes sounds that you put in and lets you play them back at different pitches. Most samplers let you play the sound on a keyboard, so if a piano is sampled the keyboard will sound like a piano.
A sequencer lets you record tracks, for example track 1 could be a piano, track 2 could be a breakbeat, etc. It is different from a multi-track tape recorder in that it only records which notes are played (e.g. C for 1 beat then D for 2 beats then E etc.) rather than the actual sounds that come out.
There are several ways of constructing the setup, from using a program like a soundtracker, which makes the computer (normally an Amiga or PC) act like a sampler, to buying a real external sampler .... - Mark White

Important instruments - synth, 303, 909.

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What is Ecstacy/E/X?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Ecstasy is MethyleneDioxy- MethAmphetamine. Other names include E, X or Adam. In its raw form it is a browny grey powder. Patented in 1913 by a German company called Merck. It is an hallucinogenic drug with extraordinary empathogenic qualities.
What does it do?

When ingested Ecstasy triggers the release of Serotonin. A chemical in the brain that affects the way we feel. The user will then experience a change in mood. Each user would describe the feeling differently but almost universally they will mention a feeling of calm, or at peace with those around them. As well as Serotonin the brain will release Endorphins. These will also relax the user and in many cases Endorphins act as pain killers. There will be a change in the heart rate of the user as the heart beats more quickly and the blood pressure increases. The main effect the drug has on people is to allow them to become more spiritually aware of the people around them, to increase one's empathy, and to make one feel 'amongst friends.' There is also a sensation known as rushing, which is similarly difficult to describe as sneezing or having an orgasm. This comes in waves all through the trip, but more often at the begining. It is a very powerful feeling of light-headedness, during which it is common to want to hold someone's hand close to you. This is also the time at which you realise how the drug got it's name.

The above information is taken from the FAQ with the kind permission of Simon Patten.

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Are there any happy hardcore anthems?

Well there's going to be a lot of disagreement between people concerning musical taste but there are certain choons which, either love 'em or hate 'em, have to be considered as classics/anthems or just plain STORMING choons

  • Toytown - Hixxy and Sharkey
  • Free - Nakatomi
  • 6 Days - Jimmy J
  • Airhead -Brisk
  • Wonderful Days - Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
  • Love you more - DJ Paul Elstak
  • I wanna be a hippy - Technohead
  • Heart of Gold - Force and Styles
  • You're mine - Dj Demo
  • Here I am - Jimmy j, Justin Time, Dj Demo and Dj Ham
  • Cloudy Daze - Bang!
  • Eternity - Jimmy j, Justin Time, Dj Demo

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Where does sample XXX originally come from?

It's from the choon XXXXXXX! [Cheers Mark :) ]

Source                           Trackname               Artist

Carpenters-"Calling Occupants" What would you Dyewitness hear again? Beverly Craven-"Promise Me" 4 AM ORCA Janet Jackson-"Intermission" In Complete Darkness Fat Controller Bass-X-"Hardcore Disco" Disco Hardcore Seduction Sunscreem - Love U More Love U More DJ Paul Elstak Madonna - Life a prayer Rave Is A Mystery DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Cutting Crew-"I Just Died in In Your ARms Tonight Sonic Driver Your Arms Tonight" Carly Simon-"Nobody Does it Cheddar 3 Sy&Unknown? Better" Zhane-"Hey Mr. DJ" Music for the 90s Druid&Heatwave Foreigner-"Cold as Ice" Cold as Ice Stingray&Sonic Driver INXS - Mystify Check dis out Serious Whitney Houston-Wanna dance Lets go Jimmy J & Cru-L-T with somebody Nena - 99 Red Balloons Reb Balloons Sound Federation Intermission - 6 days 6 days Jimmy J & CRU-L-T ABBA - Mamma mia Mamma mia Chronotrigger Ace of Base - All that she wants All that she wants DJ Mystic Alphaville - Forever Young Forever Young Interactive Rozalla - Everybody's Free Everybody's Free Smile Seal - The Beginning Bring them noise DJ E-Rick & Tactic Seal - Future Love Paradise Hardcore Paradise Highlander Supertramp - Dreamer Dreamer Semzer Sounds Wildchild - "Renegade Master" One to the two Forze DJ Team Wildchild - "Renegade Master" Ill behaviour Buzz Fuzz Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack Love Celebration Smile Tonight,I celebrate my love Captain Hollywood - Flying High Drop It 3 Steps Ahead Minnie Ripperton - Lovin' You Loving You Rob's Project Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Turn Around Damage Inc. of the heart Bee Gees-How deep is your love? How deep is your love Brothers In Crime Aretha Franklin - I say Forever Brothers In Crime a little prayer Candyman- Knockin' Boots Fuckin' Boots DJ Isaac Rozalla - Are you ready to fly? Are you ready to fly? Dune Bob Marley - One love Let's get together TNT 10 CC - I'm not in love Big boys don't cry The Prophet Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights Bad Dreams DJ Isaac Madonna - Borderline White Borderline Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Elton John-Can you Can you feel the love NU Love feel the love tonight tonight De'lacy - Hideaway Runaway Infernus Sound of music - Do, Re, Mi Do-re-mi Joy-Toys Shaggy - Boombastic Boombastic Rigtig Klubbheads - Klubbhopping Get on the move Carlos Masserati Cappella - Shake your body/ Outside World Supreme, Billy Bunter & D-Zyne Sunbeam - Outside World Gladys Knight - Baby, don't Don't change it Djunior change your mind Judy Garland - Over the rainbow Over the rainbow Marusha Beck - Loser I'm a raver, baby Sons of Ilsa The Doors - Break on through Break on through Dionysos Tag Team - Whoomp! Whoomps! DJ Gizmo & The Dark Raver Bizarre Inc.- I'm gonna get you Yo DJ!(pump this party) Warlock

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What's a track,module,sample?

A track is one tune.
A module is
a) a computer file which is made up of lots of samples which are sped up and slowed down to create a tune and b) is a little box of trix that you connect to your synth to give it hundreds more voices/sounds. A sample is a 'snippit' from someone elses tune or just from somewhere that can be added into your track. It could be voice, a drum/break beat, a riff etc. It's usually quite short. - Chris Cole

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What is the TB303 and what use does it have in happy hardcore

The Roland TB-303 Bassline was originally released in the early 80's. It was meant to be the partner TR-606 drum machine. Both of these were meant to be used by guitarists as accompaniment instruments, but the sounds they produced were a bit "crap" and the 303 flopped, as did the 606. The 303 is basically a simple analogue synthesizer with a few waveforms, and a rather special filter which gives it that "hmmm, I think this acid line is melting my brain" squidgeyness. The secret to the 303's sound is the combination of the filter, and the sequencer, which had a pre-note portamento function to emulate a guitarist sliding up the neck of the guitar (wobblin' basslines). When someone discovered the rather special noises this little box created, the acid house scene was born. And since then it's been used by just about everybody. Unfortunately, because they are so in demand, the second hand prices are ridiculous. - Rich Weston

The 303 itself isn't used much in happy hardcore, but a modern copy, the Novation Bass-station is. Most of the wobbling filtered bass noises you hear in happy hardcore probably come from one of these.

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What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting network. It allows people all over the internet to talk to one another in real-time. IRC is based on a client-server model. Clients are programs that connect to a server, a server is a program that transports data (messages) from a usre client to another. There are clients running on many different systems (Unix, emacs, VMS, MSDOS...) that allow you to connect to an IRC server.

It is easy to get on IRC, all you have to do is obtain the appropriate software ie. MIRC for Windows etc. or simply run the IRC binary file on your unix system. Once running you must connect to a server by issuing the ircII server command "/server" substituting with any IRC server. Some servers include: - Canada - USA - USA - USA - USA - USA - USA - Finland - France - Germany - Australia irc.Univ-Lyon1.Fr - France Then enter your nickname. All communication with another user is either by nickname of by the channel that other people or you are on. Join a channel and then start typing. To join to a channel issue the /join command ie. "/join #happycore" to leave a channel issue the /leave channel ie. "/leave #deathmetal". That's it. - Danny Stringer
Listen out on the happy hardcore mailing list for get togethers on #happycore

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Are there any happy hardcore IRC channels?

Due to the happy hardcore list, a channel called #happycore has been created and regular meet-ups occur with people from the happy hardcore mailing list. These are usually on a Sunday evening at about 9.30 GMT. I'm not sure exactly about with IRC net is used (EFNet, UnderNet etc). Join the happy mailing list to find out more.

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In which countries is happy hardcore popular?

The UK - the originator!
Australia. It's been massive here for two years.(Dave Bolton 1996) It's gaining popularity over in the States now, since a Happy hardcore compilation was released over there recently, to excellent reviews.

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What's the difference between happy hardcore and breakbeat?

Breakbeat is a style of beats, broken up or chopped up beats that has a 4-4 rythym but not a hit on every beat. Happy Hardcore can use either breaks or a 4/4 kick (usually both)... (Dj Noahphex)

In Australia, breakbeat refers to UK style Happy Hardcore, while Happy Hardcore refers to Dutch Style and 'bouncy techno' (Dave Bolton)

In late '96 to early '97 there was a distinct lack of breakbeats in happy hardcore. Many put this down to the speed at which the music had gradually reached. Breakbeats simply sound too messy at 190bpm. With the gradual slowing down of the music beginning now (Mid '97) breakbeats are now making a comeback oncemore.

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