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    Since Denis has started with breeding Collies at the early 80' he was allways at "the wright way" - with the standard in mind he's been allways dedicated to bred a corect type of this magnificient breed and wat he hates the most are the neverendling stories and speaks abot so called "modern" or "classic" type of Collie.

    Instead of speaking breeding is much funnier to him. "The wright way to show our knoledge and experience is to bred corect sheepdogs, who have the body soundness and all the caracteristic who are helping them to do what they should do - run and chace the sheep no mather if they are just show dogs or pets for somebody. The first think as

as well as the last is - they are sheepdogs…"

    Jadranka joined Denis' few years later and know they are working toghether  having the "all" in "two"

  • breeding under two afixes    (Dennisay's/ Geantles)

  • handling (she is just assistant)

  • "DEYA" photografing (he is just assistant)

  • grooming (helping each other)

Denis Sabolic with two

tipical "Dennisay's" puppies

Collie  Breeders

Jadranka Mijatovic with one of her blue puppy

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