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March 2010.

''Drawings and Prints''


Exhibiton in City Library Frane Petric, Cres  slideshow






2009, Cres

'The Secret of Masmalic'

picture book in Croatian and English, 16 illustrations




2008, Zagreb

''Dan's Picturebook''

-picturebook and coloring book for dog rescue project 'Second chance'.



2008, Cres

'BEARS' pictures /not printed










Koraljka Polaček

painter and art teacher





..a few words about me..


I was born on the 23rd November 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia, in the family of artists and art lovers.

My grand-grandmother was a ceramist and my grandfather was painter - still remember his brushes, his little chair and a beautiful terpentine smell of the new painting!

Grandpa just loved open air painting so I was his little helper.. but sometimes disturbing him as well.

In 1991 I enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb to become a painter and professor in painting, graduated in 1998 in the class of professor Eugen Kokot.

While still attending the Academy, I started exhibiting my works in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as taking part in art colonies and art/humanitarian projects.

After graduating from the Academy, I was working at the Elementary School in Zagreb (1998-2007). In 2001 I won, actually my pupil won, the Europe at School Award for children's drawings.

Together with D. Nazor and S. Grković I co-authored a drawing book called Tin in Kilikiki Land (2002.).

I was author of illustrations in Dan’s Picturebook, as part of the dog rescue project 'Second Chance' (Zagreb 2007). In 2008 I illustrated a picture book called 'The Secret of Masmalic’ as part of the educational - ecology project (Cres).


In 1995 I started painting and exhibiting my works in the family atelier in Baška on the Island of Krk (Atelier 1995-2003). Some of my paintings and drawings are part of private collections in Croatia and abroad.

I like to paint pitoresque, old Mediterranean houses and streets, although my favourite inspiration is The Cat.

My family always had one or more pets so I can't imagine living without my little furry friends. In the past I shared twelve beautiful years with my 'Goldeneye' Aiša... today I live with seven cats. There were many other dear little souls sleeping in my hair, destroying my paintings, eating my son's food..

My dearest pets, past and present, have its own web place.


In 2007 I moved from Zagreb to Mediterranean island of Cres where I live today and during summer months exhibit my work here in open atelier. I paint mostly oils and acrylics on canvas, also make painted stones.


I am a member of art associations The Croatian Artists Center (HDLU) and the LIKUM.



I hope you’ll enjoy my work, as well as my photographs, my cats.. if you have any question please contact me via e-mail.



Koraljka Polaček, 2009.






Independent exhibitions


2010  Cres, City Library Frane Petric Drawings & Prints

2009  Rijeka, RIBOOK bookstore

2009  Cres, Ruta

2008  Cres, C*atelier

2008  Cres, Semenj 2008.

2008  Cres, CresCendo jazz festival

2007  Zagreb, August Cesarec Library, Pets

2007  Zagreb, International Cat Show, Paintings & Drawings of Cats

2006  Zagreb, Street gallery Karas Portraits of Animals

2006  Punat, Island of Krk, TOŠ Gallery  photos from Punat

2006  Velika Gorica (Zagreb), International Cat Show, Cats

2006  Saint Martin Spa, Oil Paintings  

2005  Zagreb, Ulrich Gallery, Indigo

2005  Zagreb, FER Gallery, Innuendo Virtual Walk

2004  Zagreb, Zvonimir Gallery (with Vendi Babeli), Update & Paint

2004  Zagreb, Street Gallery Karas, Oil-paintings

2003  Zagreb, Europa House, Pictural Bacchanalia

2003  Zagreb, V. Buzancic Gallery, Mixed Media

2002  Zagreb, Street Gallery Karas, Fasade en Face   

2002  Njivice, Njivice Gallery 

2001  Zagreb, Club Gjuro II, The Scream  

2000  Zagreb, Dubrava Gallery, Humans and Dogs

2000  Pula, "Dom hrvatskih branitelja"

1999  Zagreb, CEKAO Gallery, Red & Black 

1997  Krk, Decumanus gallery, Baška 1994-97    

1997  Split, "Pinakoteka Gospe od Zdravlja"

1996  Zagreb, Pet Clinic Zoe, Goldeneye 

1995  Zagreb, Tourist Office, Samobor paintings 

1995  Kutina, Caffe-gallery Valentino

1995  Medugorje, Mon Ami   

1995  Zagreb, Istria Club, Drawings

1995  Zagreb, Bogdan Ogrizovic Library, Paintings 1994/95

1995 - 2003  Baška, Krk, Atelier Marić






The Group exhibitions


2009. Mali Lošinj, Likovna kolonija Doma za odgoj djece Mali Lošinj

2009. Zagreb, Cest is d'Best, Festival umjetničkih zastava

2008. Cres, u sklopu Jazz festivala Crescendo

2007. Zagreb, Galerija Ramasutra

2005. Zagreb, Klinika Zoe

2004. Zagreb, Dramsko kazalište Gavella, I. Brlić Mažuranić

2004. Zagreb, Močvara, Skladište mladih

2004. Zagreb, Dom HDLU Izložba recentnih radova članova HDLU-a

2003. Zagreb, Galerija Ulrich, Likumove generacije

2003. Zagreb, Knjižnica B. Ogrizovića

2003. Zagreb, Galerija Ramasutra

2002. Zagreb, Galerija Ulrich, Likumove generacije

2002. Zagreb, Cest is d'Best

2002. Zagreb, Klub arhitekata 

2001. Zagreb, UHBDDR Zbirka Klement Lukin

2001. Zagreb, M.Virius, Plavi trag

2000. Raciborz, Poljska, III međunarodni biennale

2000 - 2009. Zagreb, umjetnici na božićnom sajmu

1999. Split - Pula - Rijeka, Biennale malog formata

1998. Raciborz, Poljska, II međunarodni biennale

1998. Vrsar, Likovna stvaraonica

1996. Wien, Austrija, Kuenstler Helfen

1996. Zagreb, HDLU, 24. salon mladih

1995. Zagreb, Austrijski kulturni institut

1995. Zagreb, Privredna banka, Likovna stvaraonica

1995. Skopje, Makedonija, II studentski međunarodni Art biennale

1995. Zagreb, Galerija SC (humanitarna aukcija)

1995. Zadar, Likovna stvaraonica

1995. Zagreb, Galerija Diva

1994. Zagreb, HDLU, CROMAN za Dubrovnik

1994. Split, Biennale maloga formata

1994. Mostar, Likovna stvaraonica Dubrovnik

1994. Dubrovnik, Palača Sponza

1994. Samobor, Likovna stvaraonica ALU








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