CRIKVENICA RIVIERA: CRIKVENICA DRAMALJ SELCE Crikvenica is situated on the Adriatic Sea, in the Kvarner Bay, 35 kilometres far from Rijeka. The whole town of Crikvenica is in fact a riviera with a series of almost connected tourist places: Selce, Crikvanica, Dramalj and Jadranovo. The favourable position of Crikvenica , sheltered from strong winds, more precisely to the north owing to the slopes of the mountain Kapela and to the south thanks to the island of Krk, create the conditions for a mild, relaxing climate.The climatic characteristics in this region are dry, sunny, pleasant and warm summers and mild winters with a healthy, locally conditioned, wind system. In summer, maximum sea temperatures reach 27 grades centigrade. Because of this and also due to ecological conditions, tourist started to visit Crikvenica, in organized groups, more than a hundred years ago, primarily for health reasons. Here you may behave according to your habits or satisfy your wishes to various degrees: walking along the coast ("lungo mare"), swimming, sailing, surfing, bowling or playing brisk tennis matches.

DRAMALJ - summer seaside resort - the west suburb of Crikvenica. The tourism started to develop by the end of the last century with the construction of many villas and of the hotel "Danica". The very mild climate and rich vegetation together with the crystal clear seawater invite to pleasure and recreation. There are 700 beds at the tourist settlement "KACJAK" and at the hotel "RIVIERA" and 3 000 beds in very comfortable private rooms and apartments. Sports and entertainment, good cuisine.

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