STRAAD  is innovative and research project of two audio enthusiasts.

Our common project started in 1991.

Dissatisfied with High-End audio products, we created our more demanding audio standards. Each idea is realized in practice, than confirmed with hearing and demanding measurement tests. Our aims are to find essentially better solutions than existing ones.

And to design audio devices with utmost:

At this moment we can offer one product, and some innovations for electronic industry:

  1. Condicio-High-End surge protector and AC cleaner/corrector.
    We produce it upon your order.
  2. Large part of our cognitions and innovations can be applied in industrial electronics. We already have certain number of innovative projects for electronic industry. Here are just two projects. Those two have about 60 topologic innovations that could be patented.
    1. PRE-VOLTAGE PROTECTION SYSTEM for automatized operating processes in any production line (factory robots)
    2. ENLARGED OPERATION EFFICIENCY CIRCUIT for C, D, E, F, G, H class audio amplifiers

Visit our Web site in the future. We shall have more High-End surprises!

Soon: STRAAD High-End audio cables!


Split, may 2002.

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