Sanja's Origami

Open University Krapina, Krapina City Gallery
in conjunction with
the Japanese Embassy in Zagreb.

Financed and sponsored by:
Baotic Rotus d.o.o. Zagreb
Profil Megastore multimedia bookstore, Zagreb
City of Krapina
HDZTP Zagreb
Croatian Translation Agency Zagreb

Author of the exhibition and display:
Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek

Goran Konjevod, Biljana Knebl, Drago Kozina,
Also authors' photos of their own models.

Page design:
Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek

For generous and wholehearted help and support we owe to:
David Brill,   Goran Konjevod ,   Saadya Sternberg
Biljana Knebl,   Vlatka Jeh

Open University Krapina, Krapina City Gallery
Has gratefully received exhibited origami artwork from:
Peter Budai,   Joel Cooper,   Dragutin Geric,   Mirjana Goletic,
Roberto Gretter,   Goran Konjevod,   Michael LaFosse,
Bernard Peyton,   Boaz Shuval,   Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek,
Arnold Tubis,   Davor Vinko,   Joseph Wu.

Akira Yoshizawa,
Japan (1911-2005)
Modern origami artists pay special tribute to the leading origami master of the world, Akira Yoshizawa, for promoting origami into
the art and science of the 21st century. The creator of thousands of origami designs, he also pioneered paper sculpting and stabilization techniques such as wet-folding, and along with Sam Randlett devised the symbol system used in origami folding diagrams to this day.