Visual tuning               Chip tuning


      Visual tuning:

        Milotec AutoExtras GmbH - Great tuner specified for Skoda tuning.

        MS Design International - One of the most popular tuners around. 

        Abt-Sportsline GmbH - Another great tuner.

        Huthmann-Tuning - A really great looking silver Skoda Fabia.

        Rüddel Motorsport - Great looking Fabia with 17” alu-wheels and tuned 1.9 TDI motor.

        Renocar Skoda Tuning - Nice on-line shop for Skoda vehicles.

        Skoda-Tuning-Shop Autohaus Müller - Great on-line shop.

        M-H-W Autozubehör - Another on-line shop for Skoda.

        Betatec Equipment Skoda-Katalog - One more on-line shop.

        Internet-Skoda-Shop von Schickes Autohaus GmbH - One more on-line shop.

        Foliatec CarStyling - One of the most popular developers of car styling accessories.

        WheelMachine2000 - Chose a car, its colour and a wheel you want and see how it fits your car.        p



       Chip tuning:

        Tuneline Chiptuning - Chip tuner

        Upsolute Power Chiptuning - Chip tuner

        AH-Tuning - Chip tuner                                  p