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Maxwell Frazer

His artist name Maxi Jazz, has found hip-hop in 1983. He has founded 'The SoulFood Café" at 1984. Touring with this band until 1992 he has visited many places, with Jamiroquai in Amsterdam, Soul II Soul in Barcelona & Galliano in Switzerland. In 1992 he started his own label, called "Namu Records", to release material from his band. 

Meeting up with Rollo in a South-England studio has led to the forming of Faithless, together with Sister Bliss and Jamie Catto. He is a Nicheren Shoshu Buddhist. Maxi Jazz's strong beliefs and the band's own strong individual beliefs, lead to the name Faithless. Maxi Jazz's another great love, besides his faith and music is his Ford Escort Mk 2 RS 2000. His Buddha name is "The Orchid Room", his street name is "Biscuit". At the moment, Maxi Jazz has his own racing team and is still with Faithless!
Ayalah Bentovim

Artist name Sister Bliss, discovered home music in 1987 and a healthy obsessional interest in the sound and lifestyle ensued. A pianist since the age of 5 it was a natural progression that not only did she start spinning tunes on the dance floor, she  knew she could create her own. DJ residencies at the cream of London clubs and a fistful of demo tapes leads to a meeting with Rollo and the spark that was to fire up many a club anthem began.

Sister Bliss is currently touring with Faithless and is spinning the decks regularly. She has delivered two great songs this year, "Sister Sister" & "Deliver Me" in cooperation with John Martyn. 

At the moment she is rated by many as female DJ number 1 on the world!

Roland Armstrong 

Artist name Rollo Armstrong, has an honors degree in philosophy, he's a Taurus and has a habit of talking around subjects. He was expelled from scouts, can write upside down and became a member of MENSA; He started his own gang called the Krazy Kats when he was 10. He swam in the Ganges, won the North Yorkshire heats of a Disco Dancing Championship, was a barman in Sydney, and a gardener for Islington Council. He released his first record in 1992 that he made with 2 friends, Felix and Red Jerry in Rollo's bedroom. Rollo's writing and production skills have brought him sales in excess of 5 million singles. This doesn't include his remixes of 3 UK numbers ones (Simply Red, Livin' Joy, and Gabrielle) and 4 top tens (Pet Shop Boys x 2, M People and Donna Summer). Faithless is the first time Rollo has entered into the band land arena to work alongside vocalist Maxi Jazz and  co-conspirator Sister Bliss, on what has turned out to be a long term project. He's thoroughly enjoying the experience.