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The garden

Bring my family back

Hour of need


Take a long way home

Why go?

She`s my baby

God is a DJ

Hem of his garment

Sunday 8pm

Killer`s lullaby

The garden

Beg you listen me, don't be kissing me 'til I'm done
Unsung champion, reason, like seasoning
Pepper your thoughts with spice, and entice you to a space
Where I dwell with bass players and layers and loops
Think what I think with my prayers. It's nice. My world is everything I've become
Contained in the hum between voice and drum
I'm coming from the same place I'm still running from
But even sitting in the garden one can still get stung        


Bring my family back

I'm on lonely street age nearly three
Recently Mama's crying all the time 
is it because of me or my younger sister, 
even Dad was weeping when he kissed her.
Face all puffy like a blister, 
crying like he missed her. 
Since we moved away from the house,
where we used to play.
They say I'll understand on day but I doubt it, 
Mama never say nothing about it. 
How'd it get to be so crowded.
I found it a strain, everywhere I look I see pain.
And I can't escape the feeling, 
maybe I'm to blame. So I strain to listen, 
Praying for a decision, wishing they where kissing.
This feels like extradition or exile, 
Mama finds it hard to smile
So I make pretend cups of coffee in her favorite style.
She says child I'm working so there's nothing you lack.
But she know I want my Dad I want my family back.

I'm on Lonely Street, age forty three.
Couldn't gauge when to quit so my wife quit me.
Took offense, took the kids, 
I wish that was the end.
But before she took her leave 
she took care of my best friend.
Working all the hours. 
God send was not the tactic
You see, because after ten years I'm
[??]. Wanted to make the cash
quick so I had to work real late. 
Bad sex, my woman's vex, even if I stay awake.
And if I'm honest, I had a little cake at the office.
I was eating. We'd do our cheating over coffees, 
making tea for the bosses. 
Making free with me,
and I agree I got sleazy too easily.
But I'm forty three, 
this doesn't usually happen to me.
Now I'm lonely, 
I wonder what my son's doing today.
Suddenly I'm blinking like the screen 
on my computer display. 
And I'm drinking.
Concerned about what's down the track 
if I don't get my family back.

I want my family back

I'm on Lonely Street, number fifty three.
Boarded up property, 
I'll probably get pulled down.
Litter all around inside there's 
no sound and no light.
But yo it gets busy at night, People creeping.
Derelicts sneaking to fix. Speaking.
On the way my timbers creaking,
Roof leaking. And bricks coming loose, 
knee high in refuse.
But even though I'm a slum,
I'm still of some use.
There was a time when my walls where decorated.
And under my roof children where educated.
But now paint's faded, windows are all smashed,
a crash in the economy robbed me of my family.
And no strategy, combats negative equity,
so that's it. Like violence it's drastic.
I'm freaking, and seeking to be 
more than just a house for crack.
Somebody bring my family back. 

Hour of need

You know that I'm foolish, playing king for a day
I hang with my people whenever I can.
You say that I'm scruffy, misguided and blue, 
like a fly on a string. 
There's a web that surrounds you, but I will 
find a way in. 
Yeah, in your hour of need I'll be there, yes I will.
Yeah, in your hour of need I'll be there, yes I will.

You lay a place at your table, let me sleep in your bed
Yeah you hurt and confused me, but your my queen for a

I know I'm foolish, harsh and unfair
'Cause in my hour of need, I know you've always been

And in your hour of need I'll be there, yes I will
In your hour of need I'll be there, yes I will
I'll be there, yes I will
In you hour of need I'll be there, yes I will (3x)


My love has gone
His boots no longer by my door
He left at dawn and as I slept, I felt him go
[Loop of Erik Satie, as in Pet Shop Boys' Jack The Lad]

[Maxi Jazz]
New York, New York, temperature's droppin'
The band's out shoppin', not stoppin' 'til ears pop
Cops protect shops, lots of yellow cabs and bellhops
And it never stops
I'm waitin' to do an interview, so much to tell you
Today I feel close enough to smell you
Additional dates they were plannin' just fell through
Florida's out
We fly September 22 to Heathrow, 
but there's not really long to go
Tonight will be a brilliant show
Lettin' you know I miss you
More than four hits the floor at a party
Send my love to everybody
Please, send my love to everybody 
(everybody everybody everybody...)
Send my love to everybody 
(everybody everybody everybody...)

Honey, I'm writin' from D.C., feelin' queasy
Stayin' healthy on the road isn't easy
The TM recommends an antigen
One of them could resist again
I miss you like a lock in the door
What's more, I go to sleep with my Walkman 
'cause half the crew snored
Don't mean to be a bore, everybody's been great,
But there's fifteen of us in a bus state-to-state
So I stay up late with a tape, or meditate
My bed is travellin' at fifty-five m.p.h.
When we make it to LA, I'll still be miles away
It's not my best day
I'm a get some rest, God bless

My love has gone
(wo wo)
My love has gone 
(has has has ...)
(wo wo)

[Maxi Jazz]
We just stopped a diner so I'm takin' time to write a few lines
I'm fine, sunshine, the bus driver's 
reclinin' by the grass as the trucks pass
Gleamin' with the flash of sunlight from the glass on the windscreen
As for us, there's too much to relate
We've done five gigs, yet we're only in our third state
America's big, you'd love how they pile up your plate
Only place in the world even I can gain weight
Our next date is Wilmington, Delaware
Open air, there's a rumor Melle Mel'll be there
Anyway, all my love, God bless, I'm yawning
I really miss watching you get dressed in the morning

My love has gone
(wo wo)
My love has gone
(wo wo)
My love has gone
No earthly ships will ever
Bring him home

Take a long way home

I got it sleepin' rough on the streets in the rain
I got it learning to share my people's pain
I got it makin' flowers, growin' hearts of stone
I got it 'cause I always took the long way home
I got it sleepin' rough on the streets in the rain
I got it learning to share my people's pain
I got it makin' flowers, growin' hearts of stone

Why go?

Don't go
I didn't know you'd be here, and I wasn't meant to come.
I'd be sitting watching TV if there was anything decent on,
if I'd missed the taxi or found nothing good to wear.
But for some uncertain reason, some strange uncertain reason,
this is how it all it all began.

(Why go?) Why go, (when you could stay awhile)?
(Why go?) Why go, (when you could stay awhile)?

If I made some coffee, would you sit and talk some more?
I know words are usually pointless when you've used them all before.
The way your smile fills the room --
Stay awhile. Kick off your shoes. Don't go. Please stay. --
It always happened this way.

(Why go?) Why go, (when you could stay awhile)?
(Why go?) Why go, (when you could stay awhile)?
The way your smile fills the room --
Stay awhile. What's there to lose? --
The way you laugh, when I say, Don't go. Please stay.
Why go? Why go, when you could stay awhile?
Why go? Why go, when you could stay awhile,
when you could stay with me tonight?

She`s my baby

[Maxi Jazz]
Mmm, come to papa
I see you working, 
through the beat curtain in the kitchen.
Switchin, leavin' me twitchin', 
I'm itchin' to be kissin' you
But discipline is the rule, 
so I sit my own juicy [??] in that cool sheet
We fool around twice a week, she make me weak 
Nice when she put her tongue in my cheek
Not petite, baby got a large physique
She take charge, take me where I dare not repeat
I go ... like a hi-hat, plantin' kisses on your back
You like that, Mrs. X, reputation intact
Nobody in my block know we're like down like that
And the next flat, one down from where I live with my mum
And Uncle John, he ain't my uncle when it's been far too long
But me and she been going strong, almost a year
Wait 'til the coast is clear, I don't bolt for fear of getting caught
Maybe we ought to start, maybe not
For now, my baby gets all I got
Boom, how come we always trash the room?
Grab your coat 'cause you know someone'll be home soon
And now you see there be a need to explain gently
Why this mother of three is playin' games with me
She's my baby
She's my baby

she's my baby (2x), sweets my baby 
she's my baby (2x), sweets my baby

[Maxi Jazz]
I'm a slave to your outrage
Rocket rocks give shocks, and a row cage
Color-coded alloys, much noise, [??] poise
Exalt enough to know the roots of old age
Yes yes. Who got the keys to my RS
As we goin' on a road test, hit the M4 and head west
Forever impressed, with the sound of my two-liter
We cover ground, engine singin' like Anita Baker
And if I take a corner too quick you get sick, when I do my handbrake
Watch me ride, me broadside's wide like a battleship
Side slip, push, only hip, stick it in gear and get the gas uplift
It never failed to bring a grin to the limb
Baby's equipped
me and she gone clear
I got quick reduction on my understeer
I been fairly and squarely described as hairy
People say my baby is scary
Look, you pays your money and you takes your choice
I just love to hear my baby's voice
She's my baby

She's my baby (2x), sweets my baby
She's my baby (2x), sweets my baby

[Maxi Jazz]
I roll up her position, everything's in position
my friend's demonstrating [??]
I listen for a minute before taking sides 
Sleep the eyes, on the limit, sit down and spin it like we do
Every Friday, 'round my way where I play before we..
No alcohol is a rule
My baby gets passed around I don't frown
I love to see my friends getting down
When it's just me and she you know it's never precarious
But sharing with your buddies is hilarious
Variously we argue and
Disagree and get heated
Have to tell my people that we see it and we start the anti-stress process
'Til there's a big mess of twigs and seeds to meet your needs
[??] hello: clarity, mellow
She's my baby

She's my baby (2x), sweets my baby
She's my baby (2x), sweets my baby

God is a DJ

This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
It's a natural grace
Of watching young life shape
It's in minor keys
Solutions and remedies
Enemies becoming friends
When bitterness ends
This is my church (3x)

This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
It's in the world I become
Content in the hum
Between voice and drum
It's in change
The poetic justice of cause and effect
Respect, love, compassion
This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
For tonight
God is a DJ (3x)
This is my church (3x)

Hem of his garment

[Maxi Jazz in background] 
...wish he was a man

Oh I wish I could be touched by the hem of his garment

[Maxi Jazz in background]
...in a dream...

To be proud has never been so mean, so hard, so strange, so cruel
Oh I wish I could be touched by the hem of his garment

Mmmmm, I've come a long way (5x)
Touch the hem of his garment

Dagger should be the tool of a clump.
I'm a fool, you see 

[Maxi Jazz in background]
it's not...

Why should such violence, such pain hang between you and me
When love should be a queen on her throne looking after her own
I wish I could be touched by the hem of his garment
Two chairs, this table, one leg, in this house 
Seriously, I think we could be,
Feel we could be, touched by the hem of his garment

[Pauline / chorus]
Mmmmm, I've come a long way (5x)
Touch the hem of his garment

Killer`s lullaby

I'm sittin' at a coffee table, unable to see straight
Watchin' parallel lines unwind and undulate
Behind the rain-streaked windowpane, the scene's bleak
Another train leavin' home,
conceding defeat with a low moan
Hangin' in A sky, made of stone
Everybody's leavin' home, I called my man Jerome
To come meet me in the twilight zone
Leave your mobile phone at home and come alone
I bought him coffee and a snack,
settled back, started speakin'
He was tweakin' with the peak of his cap
While I'm seekin' to discover what it takes to stay sober
Not cover my mistakes,
try to maybe make sense of the evidence
It's over, she's gone for good
Why should I lie, singin' a killer's lullaby 
Identified by the dying ring of her goodbye
The last thing you hear before your life disappear

Now it just gets worse, like my stomach 'll burst,
feel like I've been cursed.
With seven centuries of bitter memories
And inadequacies, previous he's and she's
I'm movin' round this old house for the last time
Scene of my past crimes, been here for lifetimes
Hearin' the chimes of the old clock that used to mock
You got eternity for takin' stock,
this place is like a padlock
You look shocked.
Trust me, nothing ever moves but the dust,
There's just us and I'm here to torment and tease
And that's how it was for centuries
Me and my memories, till you brought the keys
Took the couple of Saturdays
I moved in runnin' from tragedies and boozing
Seven hundred years since I came here
You appear, same hair, same quizzical stare
I couldn't get near,
And the sheer frustration was more than I could bear
I was really cursed, thought I'd been through the worst part
That was just the first part, just the start
Every night I'd be sitting with dread, breaking my heart
In case the man she'd been chasin' gets to first base
And I just can't escape, I'm in bad shape
You making love to someone else is more than I can take
And so I make all the movement I can to no avail
Scream and yell, sinkin' deeper into my personal hell

I'm getting heated, I'm sorry, have another coffee
I needed to release my sparrow chest from just a piece of this pressure
Unless an escape route is found,
I'm going down underground
Into lifetimes of pain, it's absurd
The heaviest chain is contained is the sound of one word
So I'm referred back to hell, huh
Just as well, I hate needles an' get twinges at the thought
of syringes

J (as in Jerome), I'm going insane with shame
I dream and watch her makin' love over and over again
With what I call a farmer's swain
Unintelligent, pea-brained retard who's dick is always hard
Oh God, of course I'm jealous, fellows,
oversexed flexing his pec's
Jesus, what's he going make her do next?
I'm mad vex, the way she gently scratches his chest
You used to do that to me back in 1253
Pity me, while you lie with your lover
I stare and suffer in despair while you ruffle his hair
Unaware of who else is there
I move quick, I want to try my trick one last time
You know it's possible to vaguely define my outline
When dust move in the sunshine
So I'm tryin' to change, vibrate myself to near-human pitch
Which reminds me how I used to come unstitched
And switch 'round the house in a blind rage
It took years and an ocean of tears to find the key to this
And write another stage into a new age,
it's difficult to gauge
But I know that I'll see you again, on that you may depend
I just don't know how or when
Sleep on, my lost love on gone

Jerome took me home under steel skies
Knowing I'm prone to dramatize but unknown for telling lies
And what I verbalize he can see behind my eyes
The why oh why's that identify killer lullabies
And he surmised
No surprise couldn't hear that
Closed my eyes as he steered that old black BM home again
Not knowing how and not knowing when.

Lyrics provided by Faithless International.