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Our apartments are situated on the island Ciovo near Trogir in Central Dalmatia, the name of the country is Okrug donji. Distance from Okrug donji to Trogir is 7 km. The island is connected with the mainland by bridge. Trogir has and possibilities for rich night life (disco clubs, casinos, restaurants, cafes, etc).

There are a lot of cultural sites near the island, medieval town Trogir, ruins of Roman city Salona, citadel Klis, and Split with famous Dioklecian`s palace. In same time Split is the largest city on the whole croatian coast. It is 25 km from Trogir.

Not far away from Trogir there is Airport.


It`s very easy come to Trogir!

The left picture beneath shows Trogir position and the Republic of Croatia position in Europe. The right picture shows order of major roads in the Republic of Croatia.

Road D1 (Zagreb - Trogir)
Zagreb - Karlovac - Knin - Split - Trogir

Highway A1 (Zagreb - Split)
Zagreb - Karlovac - Bosiljevo - Zadar - Šibenik - Prgomet - Split
Highway exit in Prgomet leads to Trogir.




Trogir is situated in the center of Dalmatia, on the eastern coastline of Adriatic sea. The heart of Trogir is small islet laying between the gentle hills on the mainland and the coast of the Island of Ciovo. Small town of 12 000 citizens is the center of Trogir micro - region which covers 250 km2. Trogir Riviera assembles of 20 islands, islets and small counties Seget, Marina, and Okrug.

Geographic position:

  • Longitude - 16°16'E
  • Latitude - 43°41'N

Year average:

  • temperature: 16,3°C
  • sunny hours: 2700


Placed in old part of Garagnin - Fanfogna palace, takes You on the voyage through Trogir rich history. It is open for visitors daily from 08:00 till 13:00 and from 17:00 till 20:00.
Church Art Collection and Old Benedict Monastery Collection (where KAIROS is kept) are also places to see.


At the beginning of the 13th century, while they were still recovering from the raids of the Venetians, who had attacked them in 12th century during their war with Hungary for the attractive Dalmatian coast, Trogir citizens under Rector Ilija from the Kacic family built their new cathedral. Forty years later RADOVAN carved its main portal in Seget stone.

Prospect of Trogir was brutally interrupted 1420. when town was occupied by Venetians after long struggle, and it was badly devastated. Occupation lasted for almost four centuries, until 1797. During that time, Trogir was rebuild again and many new palaces, houses, towers and fortresses were erected. After short period of independence, Trogir had fallen under Napoleon's domination which was remembered by significant communal and health - care reforms, and modernization of economy.

Cathedral of St .Lawrence
with chapel of St. John


Radovan's portal

Austrians conquered town one more time (1814 - 1914) when citizens suffered illness, epidemics and hunger. After 1848, process of democratization started, and very shortly, 1877, Croats were rulers in their town. After First World War, Trogir, together with Croatia, became a part of State of South Slovenes, but agony of hunger and indigence wasn't finished.

Real improvement of standard and the way of life started in '70-ies when Ship industry and tourism were employing more then 50% of Trogir citizens. Further development was interrupted by aggression on Croatia 1991, when people of Trogir and its economy suffered serious consequences. Ongoing integration processes in European Community started with UNESCO's acknowledgement of Trogir as a World cultural Heritage. Now, on the beginning of the new Millennia, Trogir becomes popular tourist destination as it was in '80-ies.

For more information about history of Trogir click here.


House position


The house is situated on the northern side of island Ciovo, in a peacefully surrounding, away from a busy street. It`s situated on the slope between main road and sea-coast by the track which connects main road in country Okrug Donji and sea-coast, the track is made of concrete. The position of house on a slope of hill enables a beautiful panoramic view to the sea and whole Trogir`s bay. Coast line is about 80 meters from house. This position is suitable for families with children.

On the opposite side of Trogir`s bay is situated Hotel "Medena".




The beach is stony, and arranged. Sea is very clean, thanks to natural direction of the sea currents. Those who don't like stony beaches or have little children have opportunity to use sandy beach that's 100 meters away, in the beautiful bay with the little port. People who like lonely places can use 2 wonderful bays 200 meters away, on the opposite side. There are market, restaurant, and post-office near the house.

The place is suitable and for those who like fishing, because of the sea deep (40 meters) at the middle of bay.




The upper floor of the house has 2-room apartment, first room has 2 beds, and second is living room with TV (satellite and national programs) and lounge with possibility of shifting into extended bed suitable for more persons or for families with children. Except of rooms apartment has kitchen, WC + bathroom, and terrace with a beautiful panoramic view on the sea . Furthermore, guests can use grill near the apartment.

The picture on the left shows living room and the right picture

shows 2-bed room.

Pictures below shows kitchen and terrace.



The ground floor of the house also has 2-room apartment with 2-bed room and living room with dining room. The contents of apartment is identical. On the front of it there is spacious terrace (sea view).

These pictures show kitchen and dining room,

2-bed room and terrace.





There is a shady parking place behind the house and

grill place beside it, which guests can use.




WC + Bathroom
Price ( )

01.06. - 15.06.

07.09. - 28.09.

15.06. - 06.07.

24.08. - 07.09.

06.07. - 24.08.

Shown prices are in Euro (day residence tax is not included).




Contact: tel. +385/91-5192-613 or +385/21-821-497 (in Croatian) and +385/91-505-5368 (in English)

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Other information

Gas Stations working hours:

Fuel Prices INA:

• Unleaded motor petrol - Eurosuper 95 7,86 kn
• Unleaded motor petrol - Super plus 98 7,98 kn
• Leaded motor petrol - Super 98 8,25 kn
• Eurodiesel 7,09 kn

Exchange Rates:

1 EURO ca. - 7,37 kn
1 USD ca. - 6,23 kn

Last change: 1.1.2006.

For information about air, sea, rail, road traffic, and major telephone numbers click here.

Post office is about 50 meters from the house.

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