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Welcome to ZADAR

Thanks to an extremely indented shoreline, over 200 islands and islets, many straits, channels and coves and a suitable climate, the waters of Zadar are a paradise for all sorts of sailing activities.
Organised docking:

  • Pantera, Cuna, Bok and Lucina coves on Dugi Otok
  • Soline, Sv. Ante and Zdrelac coves on the island of Pasman
  • Brgulje, Molat and Zapuntel on the island of Molat
  • Olib on the island of Olib
  • Lokvna cove on the island of Rava
  • Mljake and Ist coves on the island of Ist
  • Krijal cove on the island of Premuda


Location of the sailboat "Nostromo"

Marina "Uskok", yacht club "Zadar" ,23000 Zadar, Croatia



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