This is windows version of xtris, a version of the classical game of Tetris, for any number of players, made for the X Window system by Roger Espel Llima.

You can play it against any number of oponents (living) and/or any number of software players (bots).

More about it (+original sources) at author's webpage.

Xtris is free software covered by GNU General Public License.

xtris 1.17 (win32) (sources + exe files) (~82kb)
xtris 1.16 (win32) (sources + exe files) (~83kb)


xtris 1.17 (win32):
Colors were inversed from original version.
Sometimes there were problems with screen repainting.
xtris 1.16 (win32):
Original game ported to windows.
When started on non-standard port, xtserv and xtbot couldn't be started. Now they are started (if needed) on same port (xtserv can only be started if you try to start xtris on IP, xtbot will be started with both parameters, ip and port (port was missing)).