Zornoi Jermak

(08. 12. 2000. - 18. 06. 2005.)

is gone in peace
18. 06. 2005.
at 10,50 h

and left us in the same time in deep sorrow

and in deep hope that we'll meet him again in Heaven ...










Don got sick in January 2005. At first, he started drinking more than he used to do and stopped eating. Soon after that he stopped drinking too, but still he was all the time very happy to be with us, going out with us and liked our hugs and presence ...

His first diagnosis was hypothyroidism, but he was not getting any better with therapy for hypothyroidism. In 7 days he dropped from 45 kg to 25 kg. He lived only on infusions (4-6 bottles per day - that means whole days on infusions with only 10 minute pause between two bottles - he was an extraordinar patient and cooperated with us like a real human being).

We have contacted 3 vets, in and out of Croatia ... finaly we fond out that he had an Adison desease. It is a very rare desease, not genetically caused - he should just have taken his hormon therapy for the life time and he'd be O.K., even he would be able to have healthy pups. So, we started with the right therapy and he immediately started getting better and better each day. In two weeks he reached 40 kg ... We started planing his first litter, hoped he would give some of his extraordinary personality to his pups ...

But, it seems that in this sickness period he's heart was getting weaker and weaker and when we noticed that, it was too late. In the evening (17. 06. 2005.) he refused his supper and we saw that he was not feeling well, so we decided to go to the vet tommorow morning. In the morning (18. 06. 2005.) he walked out and just lied down in the middle of the walk. We've brought him home and put him on the sofa. He breathed deep twice and his heart stopped.

Zeljka & Miro