Astronomy pages of Željko Andreić -ŽAC

After several very busy years at my job (university teacher) I decided to try to revitalize my astronomy pages. This time I will write in english, in hope a few more people will find them interesting. The general idea behind these pages remains the same: not to make just another picture showplace, but also to present the story behind. In the previous years I learned a lot from web pages of fellow amateurs, and I hope someone will find a piece or two of useful information in my pages too. recently, the pahes had to be moved to the new (this) web server, so they are again redesigned (I have a 20 MB limit now, so the old stuff is no more archived here).

Who is ZAC? A 61 years old guy, physicist by proffesion, and amateur astronomer by heart. Details about his daily work can be found here: Personal pages of Zeljko Andreic

mail: zandreic at

I am also one of the leaders of the Croatian meteor Network, a network of TV cameras devoted to study of meteors. The network has its own pages.



My equipment


ATM (Amateur Telescope Making)

A few sky maps I produced in the past


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